We equip fearless CEOs to transform their business with proven business tools and management thinking to achieve record profits and sustained growth.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, peer groups, online learning, and technology XOSphere Coaching inspires, challenges, and equips fearless mid-market CEOs and their executive teams to reach their full potential resulting in above market growth for their organizations.

We do this by adding value to CEOs who, in turn, develop teams of disciplined leaders multiplying value to team members who act on core principles, resulting in customer delight, significant company growth, and transformation.

Dan Lykken is a business & leadership coach, confidante, and mentor, who is always in your corner helping you create measurable changes in your business.

Our Mission:

To EQUIP fearless mid-market CEOs to inspire, impact, and compel their teams to be intentional about their mission and breakthrough to above market growth and profitability.

We Promise:

To equip and inspire fearless CEOs and their leadership teams with the world’s best management thinking, tools, and support to navigate market challenges and be in full control to significantly grow your business, creating the highest profit and enterprise value for your company.

Our Core Values:

  • LEARN – GROW – INNOVATE for Exponential Impact
  • ASPIRE & INSPIRE with expertise & worlds best management thinking
  • COURAGEOUS with a fearless focus on growth, forward momentum and action
  • SERVE with passion
  • ACCOUNTABILITY for results
  • DELIVER VALUE & DELIGHT our customers

Our Growth & Profitability Coaching Process Model

Leadership, Talent & Culture

Using proven principles and tools we build high-performance organizations that deliver results by aligning your team with the company’s core purpose and values and nurturing a culture of trust and accountability.

Strategic Thinking & Planning

In today’s business and economic environment, strategy has never been more important.  We work with you to define a better strategy and strategic position. Then we help you translate your strategy into operational terms, align your organization to the strategy, and mobilize change through strong, effective leadership.

Flawless Execution

We work with you and your team to execute your strategy through a simple but comprehensive one-page plan, setting stretch goals for your team, measuring progress quarterly, and fostering a culture of accountability and effective communication.

Superior Customer Experiences

We help you develop superior and proven client strategies to make sure you retain and grow clients most likely to generate high levels of revenue and profitability.

Cash Management

Our unique cash management system delivers unique, actionable insights into the financial performance of your  business and drives improvement to profit, cash and value, ensuring you have the funds necessary for growth by finding hidden sources of cash.