Hermanson Company

“I was introduced to Dan in 2012. From our first meeting, Dan made an instant connection and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish. With Dan’s help, we were able to develop corporate leaders from employees who are both outstanding technicians and who exemplify our culture. In my opinion, this was one of the most important things we could do to ensure our company’s long-term success.

The result – Hermanson Company more than quadrupled its revenue in the ten years Dan was our coach and consultant. In a region filled with quick-growing, flash-in-the-pan organizations, local business publications consistently recognized Hermanson as one of the fastest-growing companies. I believe Dan was instrumental in helping us reach our goals and gave us a good foundation for continued growth.”

Rick Hermanson


Gensler Architects

“In these times, leadership has become increasingly more complex. We continue to face new challenges while the next generation expects more from organizations and their leaders. Executive teams and top leadership are all seeking guidance for these changing and unprecedented times.

Dan helped me go deeper in my understanding of the life-changing principles and laws of leadership, which has transformed how I lead my team and work with other leaders. He has inspired my continuous growth and personal leadership philosophy. “

Kristin Jensen
Principal & Managing Director



“Dan is much more than your average senior executive coach and consultant. Over the past eleven years, Dan helped our Executive Team and company leaders scale our REVENUE & PROFITS  by over 400%. Dan became a part of the team and helped craft a new strategy and structure. With this new strategy and structure, Dan helped us launch eleven business units and then played a key role in developing leaders for those eleven business units and further refined our teamwork across our entire organization, including our labor leaders and project managers.

When the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions can become strong, but crucial conversations still need to take place. Dan has a unique gift of dealing with difficult conversations in a positive and productive way, changing behaviors, advancing relationships, and moving the business forward.

Dean Fox
Principal / Director of Labor – Retired